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「ゆかり温泉」(正式名称:五感で感じるバー­チャルアイドル ~ゆかりさんと湯けむり旅行♨~)は、ボーカロイドのファンイベントである第01回世界ボーカロイド大会にて実施した、バーチャルアイドル「結月ゆかり」と、あたかも本当に一緒に温泉旅行に行ったかのような疑似体験を構築した、ファン主催の体験型インタラクティブアート・アトラクションです。企画運営は結月ゆかりのファン有志である「ゆかり温泉実行委員会」が行いました。


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What is YUKARI ONSEN (“ONSEN” means hots spring in japanese)

“Yukari Onsen”(official name: Feel the virtual idol with 5 senses, Hot spring trip with Yuzuki Yukari♨)  makes simulated experience of real hotspring trip with virtual character. This is one of the attractions of the Vocaloid fan event “The World Vocaloid Convention (VOCACON) 2015”. And this event is created by the Yucari fan group, YUKARI ONSEN COMMITTEE.

Yuzuki Yukari is a character of VOICEROID and VOCALOID (voice synthetic system).

©2005-2015 AHS Co. Ltd. ©2015 VOCALOMAKETS Powered by Bumpy Factory Corporation.

This program is a hand made media art and we never use VR or AR technique. Experience person can fell a virtual character by using only its real five senses, hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. This performance presents you that summon is not only VR technology but also primitive attempt.


結月ゆかり(Yuzuki Yukari)is Registered trademarkof  VOCALOMAKETS Powered by Bumpy Factory Corporation.
VOCALOID, ボーカロイド are Registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.